Goals and Strategies

At Scots we believe in providing an education programme that will stimulate and foster a love of learning and a hunger to find out new things. We endeavour to provide a warm, inviting environment to make both children and families feel valued and welcome. All of our Educators believe in the importance in building secure, trusting relationships with the children and families.

We work in partnership with the schools and community that our children attend or will attend to provide the children with the skills and behaviours they will need to settle easily into the school environment.

Our Educators work diligently to support all children and their families and recognise that often they learn as much from the children as the children do from them. Our Educators provide many flexible opportunities for the children based on the interests of the group and the individual children.

We embrace the diverse backgrounds of the children enrolled at the Centre and encourage sharing of the many cultures.

To ensure that all our Educators are versed in current thinking they participate in regular professional development and training.