General Information

Long Day Centre The Centre is divided into five areas. The children are grouped according to their developmental stages and/or age as follows:

6 weeks – 18 months      Studio of Learning 1a
18 months – 2 years        Studio of Learning 1b
2 years – 3 years               Studio of Learning 2
3 years – 4 years               Studio of Learning 3

3.5 years – 5 years            CamKindy Studio of Learning  (this is a long day pre-kinder  program that we operate on the premises at Campbell Street Primary School.)

Please note that ages are just a guideline. Which group your child will be in, depends on her/his development, experience and social skills, interests, ability and parental input and expectations. Please provide educators with relevant information about your child to help us in planning learning experiences for your child.

The Centre implements the Early Years Learning Framework, Scots Curriculum for children from birth to five years, and also uses the Reggio Emilia approach to learning.

Outside School Hours Programs

    •  Campbell Street School
    •  Mt Stuart School
    • Collinsvale School

Enrolment Process Once your application has been processed and we have offered you a place you will have a meeting with the Director to discuss the enrolment process.

Introductory Sessions To ensure that both you and your child are well prepared for what can be a big step in your child’s life, we advise you to commence the introductory process. You will be shown the Centre’s facilities, including the room your child will be in, and introduced to staff. All necessary documentation will be given to you and an appointment for the first orientation visit will be made.

During the first orientation visit parents are asked to stay with their child for an hour in the room. Please use this opportunity to familiarise yourself with the staff, routines and in particular with the Centre’s Policies and Procedures (ask educator for the folder).

During the second visit you will be asked to stay with your child for half an hour and leave your child with us for half an hour.

Any further orientation visits can then be arranged depending on the needs of your child and yourself. Please note that the introductory visits are free of charge.

When your child finishes with the orientation process and starts care using booked hours, please follow the procedures listed here.