Curriculum & Environment

The Curriculum and the Environment

According to Montessori, knowing how to arrange an interesting beautiful environment for children is as much a part of teaching as knowing how to select fine children’s books for the library.

  •  The Centre’s educational program is based on the Centre’s Curriculum which has been developed using Tasmanian Curriculum, the Department of Education of Tasmania 2008, the Victorian Early Learning and Development Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework.
  •  The Centre’s curriculum promotes each child’s uniqueness and different styles in their learning and development, emphasises relationships with educators and peers and the natural environment.
  •  Our environment is safe, secure, warm, welcoming, nurturing and stimulating.
  •  It is based on trust, respect, equality, reciprocal relationships and shared responsibilities.
  •  Our Centre’s environment compliments the children’s home environment and routines.
  •  Space, material and equipment is arranged to support learning, feelings of security, enjoyment and relaxation.
  •  The indoor and outdoor areas are used with flexibility to gain maximum play, exploration and development opportu- nities for each child.
  •  We encourage the use of natural materials in all aspects of the learning program.
  •  We endeavour to support children to become actively involved in eco friendly and sustainable living.
  •  We foster a love, respect and care for the natural envi- ronment.
  • Each child’s learning is made visible through various form of documentation including photos, portfolios, and journals, learning stories, wall displays and newsletters.